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    News & Media

  • Ag Youth Magazine - Provides information about agricultural events and success stories about youth in agriculture.

  • AgCenter - Provides cattle market information and analysis, employment information, chat, and news.

  • American Small Farm Magazine - National magazine specializing exclusively in the interest and needs of the American Small Farmer.

  • Animal Health Publications - A series of animal health manuals and on-line resources written by veterinarians for dog, cat, and horse owners, as well as beef and cattle ranchers, and dairy producers.

  • Backwoods Home Magazine - Practical ideas and articles on self-reliant living, your homestead, livestock husbandry, building, alternative energy, gardening, and farming.

  • Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. Info/Newsletters. - Agricultural natural products for sustainable organic farming and nutrition for livestock - crop production

  • Country Folks - A group of weekly farm newspapers dedicated to full-time farmers.

  • Dally Post - Offering pages to members; usually horse related businesses, particularly breeders and trainers.

  • Farm Watch Dog - Oklahoma agriculture news.

  • Horse and Livestock Trader Magazine - East-coast publication specializing in the advertisement of horses and other livestock animals for sale.

  • Livestock Industry News - Topix - News on the livestock industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.

  • Livestock Weekly - Weekly publication for the livestock industry aimed at the commercial producer.

  • New Agriculturist on-line - New Agriculturist online provides an update on the latest news and developments in tropical agriculture for a global audience. Also a summary of training courses and conferences for agriculturists. 'As a platform to exchange, and air opinions in the agricultural field, the New Agriculturist is hard to beat'. (UK)

  • Plants Poisonous to Livestock - Western U.S. - Provides livestock owners with information to help identify poisonous plants, prevent poisoning and recognize and respond when it occurs.

  • Purple Circle Magazine - America's youth livestock publication.

  • Ranch & Rural Living Magazine - The Texas resource for livestock producers and ranchers of goats, sheep and cattle emphasizing land issues, including private property rights and water use and ownership rights.

  • Range Magazine - Presents a view of the west from those that live there and the effects to them by those not living or working there.

  • Smallholder Magazine - The Smallholder began in about 1910 for small farmers, allotment holders and gardeners. Interestingly many of the articles are similar issues and subjects to those of today. (UK)

  • The Official Quarter Pony e-mail Group - The Official Quarter Pony e-mail Group of the International Quarter Pony Association. Open to the public. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

  • Tri-State Livestock News - Offers news selected for stockmen and agribusiness; focuses on western and Midwestern US states.

  • Western Livestock Journal and Properties - The prime choice in livestock news.


  • Alberta Beef Magazine - A beef magazine representing the province of Alberta, Canada.
  • Beef - Provides agricultural production and business management information including animal health, nutrition, marketing, finance and personnel management to cow / calf operators, stocker-growers, cattle feeders, veterinarians and nutritionists.
  • Calf News Magazine - America's ONLY magazine devoted exclusively to cattle feeders every month of the year.
  • Cattle Breeds - an Encyclopedia - Marleen Felius has published 'Cattle Breeds - an encyclopedia '. She provides an overview of approximately 700 cattle breeds throughout the world in words and images. This site shows the contents of two chapters.
  • Cattle Today Online! - Cattle news, market reports, classified ads, associations list, and links for cattle producers.
  • Drovers Online - Your electronic source for beef business information.
  • - Maine writer Joann S. Grohman offers books about real food and keeping a family cow. Site features a discussion forum and a heifer diary.
  • The Cattleman Magazine - Since 1914, The Cattleman has helped ranchers make sound, informed business decisions. It has kept readers up-to-date and helped them anticipate trends, legislation and technology that could significantly impact their profits.
  • Dairy Today Magazine - Offers an analysis of production practices affecting dairies located in the United States along with their corresponding business and financial implications and future market trends.
  • The Dairy Mail - The only national dairy magazine in South Africa, published monthly by the Milk Producers Organization. Website offers the latest issue, archives, general information and contact information. (Offered in both Afrikaans and English).


  • American Farriers Journal Magazine Online - Guide to the print magazine, including article archive and events calendar. Also contains subscription and advertising information.
  • Anvil Magazine Online - Extensive resource for farriers. Articles, bulletin boards, listings of associations and other resources and links. United States.
  • Hoofcare & Lameness - Online Journal of Equine Foot Science. Technical articles, and news about problems in the feet and legs of horses and related links section.
  • Hoofpage - Provides a series of articles, with graphics, about hoof care and shoeing from a horse owner's perspective. English and German versions.
  • The Natural Angle - A co-operative newsletter for manufacturers and distributors of horseshoes, nails, tools and hoof care products. Includes articles for farriers, horse owners and veterinarians and distributors' contact details. United States.
  • World Wide Farrier Directory - Directory of farriers and farrier resources - schools, clinics, suppliers, and farrier links.



  • Dairy Goat Journal - Information on subscriptions, online order form for goat books, and a list of goat links.
  • The Goat Rancher - The Magazine of America's Commercial Meat Goat Industry and the only magazine published by goat ranchers for goat ranchers.
  • United Caprine News - Monthly dairy goat publication.


  • Lama Link - Trade magazine available in both print and online to bring timely information to people who have a passion for llamas.
  • Llama Banner - A full-color magazine for the llama enthusiast. Show and sale results, breeder profiles, feature articles and directories of llama breeders.
  • Llama Life II - News Magazine - A and informative publication dedicated to the education of llama enthusiasts and the welfare of llamas.
  • The Backcountry Llama - Includes articles on llama packing as well as stories, pictures, ranches, and events.
  • The Llama Directory - A fast and easy way to search for llamas and llama related products and services worldwide. Llama breeders, llama information and news
  • The Llama Question and Answer Page - Llama information and photos for anyone thinking of purchasing llamas or for students doing reports.


  • AMS Poultry Market News - The supply, demand, and price situation on a US regional, national, and international basis for poultry, poultry products, eggs, and egg products.
  • Canada Poultryman - Industry magazine. Includes articles from current and past issues, subscription form, bookstore, and buyers guide.
  • Feather Fancier Newspaper - Canadian publication catering to breeders and fanciers of purebred poultry, fancy and racing pigeons, domestic and ornamental waterfowl, pheasants, and other avian species. Has featured monthly article online.
  • Poultry and Egg News - Features industry news, marketing, associations, and resources. Classifieds and subscription information included.
  • Practical Poultry Magazine - UK-based publication for hobbyists and small-scale commercial producers. Online subscriptions and ordering of back issues.
  • The Game Bird Gazette - Magazine about breeding and raising ducks, geese, swans, pheasants, quail, partridges, and all other game birds appearing around the world. Has some articles online.
  • Nebraska Extension Sheep Publications - Small collection of articles regarding nutrition, reproduction, management and marketing of sheep.
  • Sheep Canada - Quarterly magazine for sheep producers with articles on health, nutrition, genetics, behavior, and advice for beginners.
  • Sheep Online - Provides an opportunity to buy and sell or promote sheep or products associated with the industry online. Also offers free advertising and listings for organizations that support the Australian Sheep Industry.
  • Sheep! Magazine - Publication for practical sheep farmers. Information about subscriptions and current events, profitable sheep tips, books, and links.
  • The Shepherd's Journal - Canadian publication specializing in current information regarding sheep production, breeders, and useful equipment.
  • U of Minnesota Sheep Publications - Health and management publications and other information about sheep from the Extension Service.



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